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Liong: The Dragon Dance

¡Es Mahjong con un toque de Puzzle! ¡Los mágicos dragones de Liong has sido robados y debes rescuperarlos! Usa tus habilidades para detener a los ladrones antes de que lleguen a las puertas. A lo largo de esta aventura visitarás miles de escenas únicas y colectarás hermosas máscaras, increíbles premios y asombrosos tesoros. Este juego contiene dos modos, más de 100 niveles, hermosos gráficos y dragones chinos danzantes. Liong: The Dance Dragon es realmente un juego de Mahjong y puzzle como ninguno.
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1 Selami  
Syabas MACC...Don't show fear or favour. Even if there are stkpeics around, you must do your job.Seingat saya, the old ACA was never as active like the MACC. Even if the MACC is plagued by issues, in as far as the sheer volume of corruption cases brought to book, they seem to be miles ahead than the old ACA.Jangan takut, clean up. Jangan peduli apa orang kata. Baik minister, baik councillor, baik exco, go for it.Collectively, we must support the MACC. Jangan nak suruh charge people in the government like crazy, but when you investigate the opposition (Selangor is a good example), you scream blue murder, political persecution and such...Btw, I'd like to point out some flaws in some of the comments you had published, Dato'.One Mazlan argued about one assistant DPP having a romantic link with Saiful. Double standard tu. When it comes to anyone from the government, it is an offence. When it comes to anybody from the Opposition, that is a matter of privacy and choice. Eli Wong's case is a good example...Her pictures were her private business. Siap makcik makcik semua nangis lagi terharu. It's her business la. Sama la tak in this case? Shouldn't the AG be commended for taking the lady deputy DPP out of the equation and making it public, btw?There was also a mention of the two frogs in Perak. Being a Perakian, I had followed the case closely.Based on the evidence produced (undercover/testimonies/video recordings), the MACC and prosecution had done everything they could to deduce what I, as a layman, thought were indisputable evidence.Obviously, the court judgment did not favour the prosecution. Don't shoot the messenger, because as far as I am concerned, they had done their best. It baffles me why the two were acquitted. It was the court's judgment, not the MACC's or the AG's Chambers la...baca la betul betul...main hentam je...PERAKIAN

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